Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast


Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast

Italian Craft Kitchens are delighted to offer cost-effective kitchen renovations right across the Gold Coast. Whether you’re replacing all your cupboards for a sleek new kitchen, or simply new doors and stone tops, we’ll have a renovation solution for your kitchen.


Typical Steps in a Kitchen Renovation

STEP 1: Designing your kitchen
We’ll help you explore all layout options and material choices. Spending some extra time now will ensure you don’t have any regrets later.

STEP 2: Quote & Order

It’s best to allow 4 weeks for delivery of your new kitchen

STEP 3: Demolition- Removing existing cabinets
Once cabinets are ready, demolition can commence.

STEP 4: Services Rough-In
There may be structural work to take place. Plumbing and electrical services need to be roughed into place, ensuring new lighting, power points and appliances are catered for.

STEP 5: Installing cabinets
New kitchen cabinets can be installed over one or two days, depending on the size of your kitchen.

STEP 6: Setting the benchtops
Last minute adjustments to tops are made and tops are glued in place. Marble, granite, engineered stone, solid surface materials (such as Corian) and stainless steel benchtops should all be installed by a specialist. Often they will need to be measured up and templated first so they can be made exactly to size. Manufacturing time for these benchtops is generally around 10 working days but will vary depending on the supplier.

STEP 7: Connecting electricals and plumbing
Your plumber and electrician can come back to install and connect appliances such as the oven, cooktop, sink and tap.

STEP 8: Fitting splashbacks
Splashbacks can only be installed after the benchtops are set. After that, a tiled splashback can be carried out immediately, but a splashback of toughened glass or stone will once again need to be templated and measured by a specialist so it can be made to size. Templating can take place the same day your benchtops are installed and manufacturing time is generally around 10 working days.

STEP 9: Laying flooring
Usually, new kitchen flooring is laid after the installation of cabinets. It’s best to not fix cabinet kickboards under your cabinets until after your flooring has been laid. In this way, your flooring can then run slightly under your cabinets to give a neater finish. Alternatively, have the new flooring laid at the start of the process so that the flooring covers the entire kitchen space and your new cabinets are installed on top.

STEP 10: Painting
Painting the walls & ceiling in your kitchen should be the last process in your kitchen renovation. Ensure that you cover your cabinets and benchtops with a drop sheet but remember to not stand on your kitchen bench tops, even if they are stone.